Suspension from work without pay.
Chris and I got 2 weeks in the grass, due to a bull shit lie told by Lonnie.
by magnum noble February 12, 2015
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Magical green substance that commonly grows on dirt. When you touch it, it gives you bitches.
how about you go outside and touch some fucking Grass
by the_fucking_legend. May 13, 2022
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British saying which means to inform the authorities about someone's misdeeds
Jonathan: Why were the police their Efe? Did u fucking grass on us? If I find out you did I will beat the shit out of you! No one likes a grass
by moonfizzle January 20, 2012
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another term for marijuana; something dream stans don't touch enough of
Hey do you know where I can get some grass around here?
by MadtheRad7 December 11, 2021
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