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Bureau of Land Management ( people with short pants )
Yogi Bearr & Bo-bo's ranger watch ! BLM close public lands so Mr. ranger can keep city people from walking around dah woods.
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los April 28, 2007
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Bureau of Livestock and Mining, according to Ed Abbey.
Largest land owner in the US; provider of free camping.
Aka:Bureau of Land Management
Zeke: Should we camp by the glowing uranium pile?
Ephraim: No, how 'bout over there by the cow diarhea?
Zeke: Man, this BLM land makes great camping!
by diabloblanco October 06, 2005
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It's a racist group of haters. They also hate white people and all cops
"hey did u know onision is part of Blm now"
by sumkid66 September 07, 2017
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Acronym for Black Lives Matter, a movement to create awareness about the injustice in some regions where authorities pay little or no attention to crimes against men, women and even children who have more melanin in the color of their skin than the criminal individuals who kill them or try to kill them.
All lives matter, but BLM needs attention now, when even policemen are shooting black people.
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by LeoLu March 13, 2017
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How many ladies is that guy with? Dang he must be a BLM!
by blm February 02, 2003
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