A person who identifies with political left wing ideology. Sometimes confused with liberal, however leftists often view liberals with contempt. Seeing them as ineffective, spineless, and susceptible to fascist influence. Leftists are traditionally anti-capitalist, however some may not be inherently anti-capitalist and may more so align themselves with regulated capitalism and social democracy(the Scandinavian Model).

Pursuant of social justice and social reform as a way to balance out the alleged disparity of power between the classes of people. Leftist movements are nearly always populist, emphasizing the important of widspread political action.
Occupy Wallstreet was a protest by leftists in favor of economic reform.
by Zipongj April 10, 2019
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A person belonging to the political left and usually identifying with the radical, anti capitalist, or revolutionary sectors of left politics. Includes anarchists, marxists, communists, socialists, and all other explicitly radical left ideologies.
That guy's a total leftist, his pantry is full of Molotov cocktails and nothing else.
by Zipongj September 14, 2019
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Someone holding “left” political-economic views (e.g. anti-capitalist, socialist, anarchist...).

Leftist views often critique capitalist markets as being wholly insufficient in satisfying human rights and desires.
While mainstream politics have largely accepted Reagan-era “trickle down” economic theory, the leftists continue to reject this outright. Leftist maintain that capitalist profit is always created through the extortion of labor, “Money doesn’t trickle down. It’s soaked upward through low wages and a system hat prioritizes profit over people.”
by average at best October 24, 2017
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Person - “Hey. Your dog is vomiting blood repeatedly on the floor, I think its sick.”
Leftist - “How so? Are you a veterinarian?”
by DoubleRceuaour May 12, 2022
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A self righteous, Christian hating, Muslim loving, self mutilating, censor happy hypocrite.

Claim to be the "resistance" when they'll cancel you on Twitter in a whim.

Claim to be "unheard" when they'll flock you in seconds, and have owned MSM for over a century.

Claim to be "acceptance" when they're quick to belittle and demonize you for having the "wrong" opinion, or just for being straight/male/white.

Dwell in echo chambers like urban dictionary while deleting truthful definitions.
Just like Twitter, 99% of Urban Dictionary users are liberal leftists.
by Just blunt February 6, 2021
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Usually lacking the ability to critically think. Easily manipulated due to uninformed idiocy and an extreme case of sheep mentality. Most often found in large numbers in democrat ran cities. Their lack of logic and rationale is best defined by their habit of screaming unhinged rants that make no sense at all and avoidance of actual facts. Also prone to believe in Darwinism and a large desire for communism
She is very dumb. I bet she is a leftist
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Another word for hypocrite. Examples include woke college students raging against capitalism with a smart phone in one hand and a Starbucks latte in the other. Limousine liberal famous actors lecturing the public about climate change and inequality while traveling the world on private jets and hoarding their wealth in overseas tax shelters. Leftist college professors who shame their students with accusations of white privilege but live in snow white suburbs and send their kids to snow white school districts. Western feminists and LGBTQ activists who stand ready to burn down a local Christian bakery but don’t seem to give a shit when oppressed women and LGBTQ people are imprisoned, raped or lynched in Muslim majority countries around the world. The list is endless
I stand for everything Inclaim to oppose. I must be a leftist.
by Dupaspock Johnson December 31, 2021
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