when one's arms and legs have been chopped off, but pretends that it is not so, as in monty python.
"'tis only a flesh wound!"
by msjazz March 14, 2006
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A term for the female genitalia, implying that it looks like a large wound.
"I just blasted a load in your mom's flesh wound"
" I ate her flesh wound"
by Ear to the street. February 20, 2010
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A large wound, such as a severed arm, dismissed by an egotistic fighter as "just a flesh wound".
"Look you stupid bastard you've got no arms left!"
"Yes, I have"
"It's just a flesh wound."
by Oli the Mad March 14, 2017
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Daniel Sloss whilst streaming on Twitch (in a Scottish accent): were you trying to say open flesh wound or the word vagina, because where I come from the words open flesh wound are used to mean the word vagina.
by Bah Zah February 1, 2021
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When "The king of the Britain" cuts off the black night's arm, from the movie Monty Python And The Holy Grail.
"Your arm's off!"

"No its not!"

"Yes it is."

"Its nothing but a flesh wound! I've had worse!"
by Munchy101 February 11, 2010
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When you are going to fuck someone up, regardless of what happens to you.
Friend 1 - "Dude stole my car, but he seems pretty big."
by SlamShady February 12, 2015
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