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Someone who publicly opposes armed conflict in general, or particular conflict, and usually causes conflict in the process.
A derogatory term directed at the bigotry of certain “peace” groups attempting to force their views on society.
Sorry I was late to work today sergeant. Some peacenik group was blocking the gate and antagonizing the Soldiers. I would have liked to express a little of my own ‘free speech’ on them, but instead I just used the other entrance.
by Nathan Hutchison December 18, 2007
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A relatively unoffensive insult used by dumb people to insult members of the anti-war movement.
by Arthur October 05, 2003
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Someone who takes the respectable position of non-violence to an absurd degree. Specializes in feel-good, kumbaya messages (bumper sticker slogans) that sound nice but solve nothing. Even when an obvious evil is running amok (Hitler or Stalin), they do little but draw anti-war signs. These kind of people are extremely disdainful of US and Israeli troops, but have little to say about groups like ISIS or hamas.
"I told that peacenik that evil dictators couldn't care less about their signs and rallies."
by Bost March 13, 2015
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A type of loser (like a beatnik) who thinks that linking arms and playing bongos in London will stop the American tanks from running over innocent people in Iraq.
Peacenik (playing the bongos): "Radiant cool, crazy nightmare Zen New Jersey nowhere!"

<bombs drop on their sorry asses>
by Lugs-o October 24, 2004
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