To get drunk before a major life event. Similar to pregaming but it's before events you wouldn't normally pregame
Dude I totally churchilled my nieces baptism the other day
by Bertingaround February 16, 2017
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A term for a designer, entrprenuer, and budding rap star mogul. A fan of such celebrity icons as 50, Kobe, ke$ha, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and Tiger's putter. Churchills have many hobbies: sailing without people named Zach, building $9 Kroger salads, drinking Miller Lite, fighting at CJ's, sleeping at Macys, getting high, and yelling such terms as: "Kobe!", "Guchhi!", and "boobies!". A good guy overall though on most days.
Jimmy: That guy is such a Churchill.
Billy: No question Jimmy.
by str8outtacosma September 16, 2010
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this school is the shit, if you go there you probably have some great memories there. These kids know how to party hard and have a great time. The class of 2013 is really cool and so are select class of 2016'ers. We may stress but it pays the fuck off cause we go to great collages and end up successful. If you ever meet a churchill kid you will probably think their arrogant and cliquey until you get to know them and then you will think there the freshest chump you've ever met
Churchill kid: hey
wjer:fuck you
Churchill kid: stay fresh chump
Wjer: imma beat you up
Churchill kid: i'm going to throw acorns at you untill ypu can't resist the temptation
by 'ceski16 February 20, 2013
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see douchebag

while people claim him to be a war hero, he is no different than Hitler or Stalin. Killed millions of people through Bengal famines and civilian bombings in Germany. He was a racist, a murderer and a jerk who's past is usually hidden or ignored by the media and historians. Some experts believe he was jealous that everyone had a bigger penis than him.
Hey Frank, ever heard of that douchebag Churchill?
by renjuuuuuuu November 6, 2017
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The small town outside of Three Forks and Manhattan Montana. Created, populated and otherwise infested by the Dutch, who spend their countless hours of free-time eating and not exercising to increase the size of their asses, spreading rumors, and talking behind the backs of those NON-Dutch.
"I go to school in Churchill"
"So how many rumors have those Dutch fat-asses started about you in the last week?"
"About 17"
by brooks2534 February 10, 2009
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Red Headed guy. Thinks he's the coolest because he is very athletic in Basketball, Golf, Baseball, and Football but is disliked by many.
That Churchill is annoying me.
by Alan Fankfurt February 10, 2009
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A great place to hang out and listen to some shitty bands. but its more then that, its a hole in the wall that's been around since 1979. Churchills is a pub in little haiti in miami FL. If you want to hang out with strangers and friends with a brew in your hand, Churchills is the place too be. Also it might be a good idea to park your car further away, because its location has a tendency to steal cars.
Mark: Aww man, my ears are still bleeding after that horrible screamo band played at Churchills last night.

Frank: Good times....Good times.
by Bojangleface July 11, 2011
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