Fascist "ISP" who fortunately stopped calling themselves "number one", but still pretends that they're reinventing the Internet AND annoys people with CDs in the mail every day. On top of that, dial-up connections are MUCH slower than the already slow 56K.
Look, if I wanted AOL, I'd order a CD. I don't need you to remind me that you still haven't gone to hell.
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b November 04, 2004
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AOL is to the internet as mexican food is to your bowels.
"You've got leprosy, goodbye!"
by Gxp August 15, 2003
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"I am a lawyer representing the company which this individual has said untruthful statements against. I am recommending you remove all anti-AOL, as a matter of fact all AOL, America Online, or any other names people come up with or within 14 days I will be placing a lawsuit against this website for closure due to slander against the AOL company. AOL did not request this, they had enough employees..."
by Hyacinth Bucket January 13, 2005
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1) America On-Line.. The associate of McDonald's plan to take over the world. They make stupid aol disks that you get in the mail. BEWARE THE DISKS HAVE MIND CONTROL POWERS! The disks are also wastes of the valuable non-renewable resources that it took to forge them in the fires of DOOOOM.!!!!!
AOL also promotes racism and other subjects of inequality and such. AOL should be banned by human beings. Think about it. They call it America On-Line --'America'--.. PFFT! What! Are they trying to pull Guatemala and Cuba, and Canada into this AOL mafia? SAVE THE WORLD FELLOW BEINGS! STOP AOL BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!!!

2) May-O-El-Disk kind of sounds like Cinco-De-(El)-May-O if you say it a little different... (Another piece of evidence that prooves AOL is trying to put their evil dirty work into South American countries, and even CANADA!)

2) Arrrriiiibaaaaaa!!!!!!! EH?
by Plumberry August 18, 2005
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Unsolicited provider of free coasters and provider of a web browser that actually uses custom compression to fuck your images right up, server side.

God Bless a company that thinks it can make a profit by selling to the nïave, uninitiated and hungry for tech support.
In the future all companies that eat up lame customers will be called doing an AOL.

Using AOL is exactly the same as buying something from proactive telemarketers.
by dj_monged August 12, 2004
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