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(pronoun, adverb, conjunction) a word used in place of any of the following: who, what, where, when, why, or how
Whi were you just on the phone with?
Hey Gavin, whi's up?
Kristin, whi have you been? I haven't seen you in ages!
Hey Wes, did you catch whi that assignment is due?
Yeah, I don't know whi he wouldn't talk to me.
Wow, that was amazing! Whi do you do that?
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by Evan Wilder September 21, 2016
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A shortened term that can be used to replace common phrases such as 'what is' and 'which is'.
Hey man, whis this!?
by urbn51 May 30, 2011
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Short for Whistler. Primarily used by wooks and stoners.
Guy 1: Can't wait for whis this weekend bro, just gonna send it
Guy 2: the trails are sick, the breaking bumps are rough tho
Guy 1: can I sleep on your couch, also do you have any kush? Can I borrow 5 bucks too I'll pay you back this time.
by Selector Zen July 18, 2018
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