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A horrid program that people are forced to use in order to communicate on the internet due to the fact all others are worse. Filled with many bugs and errors people have to deal with in order to talk to multiple friends without the use of a telephone. No one likes it, but it's at least better than the alternatives. Also see aim.
TheTrueOvermind: Hi
Wonder Kirby: Hey
TheTrueOvermind has signed off.
TheTrueOvermind had logged on.
Wonder Kirby: ???
TheTrueOvermind: Sorry AIM crashed again.
Wonder Kirby: Yeah, sucks doesn't it?
TheTrueOvermind: I wish there was something better, too bad this is the best.
Wonder Kirby: Yeah, even Gaim sucks.
TheTrueOvermind signed off.
Wonder Kirby signed off.
AOL Instant Messenger signed off.
by BackToNormal December 19, 2004
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Its been disputed since the dawn of the internet where our form of grammar and spelling was tainted.

I have the answer. And the answer in question is AOL instant messenger.

Yeah, AOL is a virus within itself.

Macho Man Randy Savage approves of this message.
by Not Zane September 05, 2004
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