america online, the crappiest and laggiest shit internet users can use. also way too much spam
"Welcome to AOL, You have new spam, dickhead."
by Jason March 26, 2003
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Spam server of the year 1980+!
Remember:AOL never request your Personal Information or Billing Information, So whats your Credit card number and adress?
by Trail October 10, 2004
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the virus that connects one to the internet
*screetching dial-up noise, then sudden reboot and your pc locks up*
by kitteh January 23, 2005
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An incredibly slow, expensive spyware adding, CPU killing piece of shit piece of software. It acts like a virus in that it has several processes that restart each other when you manually try to remove them, it sticks itself to your registry making it nearly impossible to fully remove it. The message boards and AIM users are 99% fucktards. when you uninstall it, it leaves more spyware and adware. The "so called" top of the line spam filter only blocks the email you want, not the actual spam that will ALWAYS get through. While this piece of shitware does have a better looking, that fails to make up for the fact that AOL blows. If you are on AOL, change now. ANYTHING out there is better. I guarantee it. Even the biggest internet noobs shoulnt use AOL, because it kills your computer. And if you do decide to leave, they will ty to give you useless offers and dotn take no for an answer.
people who use AOL just got thier comp owned
AOL and all who made it should go fuck themselves.
"Oh look, another AOL cd, i guess i have another coaster"
by noname May 6, 2005
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AOL is to the internet as mexican food is to your bowels.
"You've got leprosy, goodbye!"
by Gxp August 15, 2003
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The kind of internet you use if you live in the sticks and can't get cable internet.
I have AOL. It sucks.
by Name June 16, 2004
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America On-Line. An ISP with a poor reputation amongst anyone who uses the internet. The child filters are easily bypassed because kids know more than their parents, the service is slow, the e-mails get flooded with spam and a bunch of other shit. It also likes to boot users off.

On the plus side, it has one huge-ass pool of IPs, and kiddies use it, so if you're looking to cause bannable trouble on gametalk or grrom children for rape, that is THE isp.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
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