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When somethings so funny you want people to know it's funny while sounding cool.

Also could be uses as: "Fun with a pinch of e" or "Fun with a dash of e"
Me: Did you see that new episode?
You: Ya, it was fun-e
by da404LewZer February 18, 2004
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a nickname that came from misspelling "fine"
<person 1> : new nickname!
<person 1> : wes is boring
<person 2> : fune
<person 2> : fine*
<person 1> : haha fune
<person 1> : i`ll call you fune lol
by Wesley aka "fune" February 16, 2005
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N. Normally a person from El Salvadorian descent who will own anyone at Madden
"Gawd dang Funes, you sure beat my ass at Madden!"
by Funes June 21, 2004
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Means very funny. Fune (pronounced foooooon, like poooooon)
"Fucking fune blud!!!"
"Man B6 Slash are jokezz!!!!" " Man they are just fune"
by SOB!!! January 09, 2008
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