The kind of internet you use if you live in the sticks and can't get cable internet.
I have AOL. It sucks.
by Name June 15, 2004
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The only virus you pay to have.
"I felt like I just didnt have enough SPAM. So I bought AOL. Like an idiot."
by Will March 24, 2005
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America On-Line. An ISP with a poor reputation amongst anyone who uses the internet. The child filters are easily bypassed because kids know more than their parents, the service is slow, the e-mails get flooded with spam and a bunch of other shit. It also likes to boot users off.

On the plus side, it has one huge-ass pool of IPs, and kiddies use it, so if you're looking to cause bannable trouble on gametalk or grrom children for rape, that is THE isp.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
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World's most popular ISP. Also world's easiest to hack ISP. And buggers up your PC if u ever try to uninstall it.

It's also a huge bulky peice of crap that eats RAM for breakfast (You have to open its own interface to connect).

Good thing is u can easily get free months & special offers by telling them u want to cancel ur account!
I use AOL coz im a n00b and I dont even know what IPS stands for and Connie only charges 60p a minute for oral sex.
by meepy August 03, 2005
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It doesn't work. AOL
by Dave November 19, 2003
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AOL: America Online - It's worth about as much as the twist ties that come with you 90 cent value pack of garbage bags.
AOL: Garbage
AOL: The sharp edge on a newley opened can lid.
AOL: The fish guts that have been on your door step since last august.
AOL: The bag of chips that take forever to open
AOL: Your uncles wooden LAG
AOL: An acronym often used in boot camps to make kids behave
Husband: "Hey Honey! A new AOL CD just came in the mail!"
Wife: "Does it have anthrax on it?"
Husband: "I Don't think so"
Wife: "Throw it in that big pile where our pool used to be with the rest of the minature frisbies"
by Sean Connery April 18, 2005
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