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The StarCraft race used by pussies who can't win with Terrans.

"Whimper! Nasty Terrans! Quickly, my brethern! Cower behind our shields!"
by Merlin September 17, 2004
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people should take baseball bats with them when driving and if they see a gang of these 'rude bois' casuing trouble, fuckin well smash their heads in. 5 points for blood, 10 points if theyre unconscious and a whopping 50 points for a kill. o my sweet pyjamas.
(gang of rude bois approaches a lone person walking home)
rude: oi mush gis a fuckin pound innit
person: nah sorry i dont have anythin
rude: ya fuckin gay ya fuckin startin?
person: fuck
person in car: (thinking) o look a bunch of rudeboys making trouble, baseball bat time
by Merlin January 25, 2005
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Acronym for Pop Will Eat Itself, an influential rock/rap/dance/agit-prop/crossover band from the West Midlands of England who formed circa 1986, broke up in 1996 and then reformed in October 2004.
Did you see PWEI last night? They rocked!
by Merlin October 12, 2004
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GROSSED OUT GLODDDDDD!!!! hahaha we love youuuuuu....nooooo
by Merlin October 19, 2003
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A piece of shit that is constantly going down like a 2 dollar whore
Whi needs sex the way AOL goes down on me-Bill Gates
by Merlin September 11, 2003
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(n) to be used instead of confused
Jocelyn: "whoa, dude, i don't get what your saying. I'm really confizzled."
by Merlin January 21, 2005
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OK, take ten-twenty people, grab a chair each and one football, spread the chairs in a circle and start. Standard real (i.e. English) football rules apply, and if the ball hits your chair, you're out. Play till last man standing. Repeat until you all collapse from exhaustion. Chair football copyright the International Chair Football Association. www.geocities.com/theicfa/index.html

I love you, Lucy Madison!
"We can either go to the Johnsons for pie or the chapel and play chair football."

by Merlin September 17, 2004
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