1.) The label on all of my coasters
2.) An ISP that requires you use their browser to surf the bit of the web that they want you to see
3.) A spyware propegator (now against the law), which charges you to use its software
4.) The cause of almost 24% of all technical support calls
5.) An ISP that claims to make the internet better, but only adds a front page, and adware, which you must deal with if you wish to be a member
6.) The spring board for many people who should be banned from the internet for blatent stupidity
7.) A company that advertises "A better way to internet," even though the software/ISP that they offer adds nothing whatsoever to the internet at all. It merely adds software to the customer's computer; not even to the aspect of the computer that is inherently a part of the internet
8.) The part after the @ and before the .com in the email addresses of people who you would not like to spend an evening with
9.) The defining aspect of AOLer, the universal term for a stupid internet user
I'm on AOL. ROXOR!1
by WhatInThe42o October 23, 2004
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Welcome to Spyware Heaven. AOL is how you screw up your computer in 30 minutes. Just install AOL Instant Messenger and watch the bullshit begin. First you will recieve unwanted Audio ads which use up those MB space of yours. Second of all watch hackers steal your account and fuck you up. Third, AOL is full of spyware. You will never get full connectivity to the internet because AOL spyware is using 35% of it. It's the truth..
AOL was installing spyware (trojan.downloader) so I had to reformat. AOL sucks, I hope it dies! Woot!
by Superman22 April 23, 2005
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AOL is a virus, that, when installed into your computer, takes over and renders it useless!
AOL is a virus, that, when installed into your computer takes over and renders it useless!

I got a worthless AOL disc in the mail and installed it on to my computer. Now my computer is worth less than the AOL disc!
by P February 16, 2005
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a super expensive internet system. it cheats you to saying that its great when you can get Netzero for $10 instead of AOL's $35.
Netzero $9.95, AOL $29.99 a month...
by alyssa December 12, 2003
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One shitty internet provider, and actually charge MORE than a provider worth getting. They made 9.0 with "extra features" available, because they are so broke they have to do anything to make a buck.
by Psych Ward Employee January 03, 2005
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1) (n.) A shitty, slow, spammy, laggy, poor customer-serviced, all-around sucky internet connection. Often associated with internet connections that crash excessively for no apparent reason.
Wow, your AOL sucks!
by fraghappy November 06, 2003
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Assholes OnLine. This service sucks ass, and I am so glad that I do not have to use it as an ISP.
AOL sucks dick and enjoys screwing its customers over. It likes this a lot.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 30, 2004
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