Being frustrated at having to wait for something.
Rhino is getting impatient because the meaning of "Jodie" is taking ages to come up.
by Spearmint Rhino April 3, 2003
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First of all -Amazing boyfriend.
Summer Rosenthals
Patience is the ability to:

-A tendency to be impatient is considered a major personality flaw. People who suffer from severe impatience are often considered to be insensitive.
1. lack of patience.
2. eager desire for relief or change; restlessness.
3. intolerance of anything that thwarts, delays, or hinders.

The quality or condition of being impatient.

Main Entry: impatience
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: rushing
Synonyms: agitation, anger, annoyance, ants, anxiety, avidity, disquietude, eagerness, edginess, excitement, expectancy, fretfulness, haste, hastiness, heat*, impetuosity, intolerance, irritability, irritableness, nervousness, quick temper, rashness, restiveness, restlessness, shortness, snappiness, suspense, uneasiness, vehemence, violence
"gets annoyed of me when i type something wronge.
hes very impatient."

"hurry up and write back"
by kaliakai November 5, 2007
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Noun - pronounced "eye em"patience

The feeling one gets watching the little pencil in the corner of an IM Chat box signaling a reply is in progress.
After Cyril asked Magali if she could lick her own nipple on facebook chat, he was overcome by IMpatience awaiting her reply.
by BeBopnJazz July 23, 2008
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to not want to wait for something,
to not want to be patient
hugh had the sexiest skinny jeans.
my impatientness to see them was rediculous
by amandapandaexoh November 30, 2008
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The act of absolute intolerance of excessive Facebook usage.

i.e., posting more than 3 updates a day, Facebook Stalking, uploading numerous pictures of your monotonous daily activity, being a Facebook Drama Queen, obsessive application usage, Facebook Creeping, and taking too many useless quizzes.

Facebook Impatience usually results in a speedy Facebook Murder without hesitation.
Marky has a severe case of Facebook Impatience. I took the "What's you Favorite Position" quiz, and posted 4 status updates today, and he dropped me like a hot potato!
by OMMMM NOM NOM NOM March 15, 2010
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Someone who wants everything perfect but doesn't have the energy or time to do it. So the project ends up looking a little above average.
Wow you really did a fantastic job being average you you lazy control freek impatient perfectionist.
by bigfootshands January 3, 2014
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When you are about to finish in a girl's mouth when she doesn't want you to, so she closes her mouth. Then you proceed to blow your load all over her closed lips like a dentist who's trying to get in someones mouth to clean but just gets pissed off.
Guy 1: "How'd it go last night?"
Guy 2: "It was hilarious. My girl wouldn't open her mouth when I wanted to finish. I couldn't wait any longer so I gave her the impatient dentist."
by Mr. 35 July 19, 2010
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