A show recently put on MTV. It features a 29 (yes, Google him or something) year old, chubby guy acting like a 12 year old. It's a sketch show that you'll get if you're stoned or liked Napoleon Dynamite.
I rock peas on my head, but don't call me a pea head. Bees on my head, but don't call me a bee head. Bruce Lee's on my head, but don't call me a Lee head.
by Jen July 14, 2005
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Andrew M. Milonakis (born January 30, 1976) is a comedian who plays the role of a teenage kid and has become an Internet phenomenon, rising to fame when he released home webcam recordings of freestyle raps, silly and funny videos, and short films on the Internet (previously credited to angrynakedpat.com, but his videos aren't hosted there any longer). Some of these include the "Crispy New Freestyle" and "The Superbowl Is Gay", and various other videos which can be found hosted elsewhere. He has been compared to the Star Wars Kid and has since built a following, including comedian Jimmy Kimmel who recruited him for regular appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live on television from 2003-2004.
by Dong Woo July 13, 2005
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Andy Milonakis is a 27 Year Old man.
He suffers from hormone disfunction, and looks and sounds like a 10 year old child. Andy uses his disorder to produce comedy. He has his own show on MTV, full of random humor. He got his start over the internet with random home made movies.
Random Guy: Nice wheather we have been havin-
Andy: Yeah! I was just about to say that.
by 1337 Fork July 31, 2005
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Internet sensation turned MTV comedy star. Gained first notariety with his "The Superbowl is Gay" netvid. Supposedly 13-or-so years old, but is actually documented by IMDb and various other entertainment industry sources to have been born in January 1979. Critics and net-based gossipers have linked his babyfaced appearance to a hormonal disorder, and his juvenile humor to insanity and/or general douchebagishness.
Dude, I can't believe Andy Milonakis beat out that Leigh kid for the MTV gig. He's so wicked stupid... AND like 27 years old!
by JAGvox July 18, 2005
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after many hours of googling "andy milonakis" and getting past all of the MTV jumble on the first page, i came across a USA TODAY article that included an interview with Andy explaining about a disorder that he has, "a growth hormone thing" said milonakis.

He has no physical disablities other than that fact that he can pull off being a middle school kid. In truth, he is a 27 year old network administrator for a consulting firm.

If you simply look around online, click a link here and there, you will find the truth.

When asked his age in an interview, he responded "somewhere between 10 and 30".
by Tyler K. July 29, 2005
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A 29, yes, 29 year old guy from NYC that has appeared on the man show, and now has his own show on MTV. It might seem he is about 12, but he isn't. He was born in 1976. In real life, he is a drug addict and a real asshole.
Andy: "when life hands me lemons, i make beef stew!"
by Gina July 15, 2005
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a man that looks like a kid with a show that you think is amazing and really funny until you find out that hes really 29 and realize that its really not cute or funny to watch a grown man act like a little kid when in fact he should probably get a life and a job.
dude have you seen the andy milonakis show? its hilarious!

dude andy milonakis is 29

ew nvm
by truffles September 20, 2005
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