44 definitions by Dong Woo

probably the best female rapper i ever heard www.masiaone.com
by Dong Woo November 28, 2004
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dumb ass bitch that is dumb and is a bitch who is a DJ on hot 97
bitch ass better get her ass fired
by Dong Woo January 24, 2005
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a CIA project in the 1950s where they did experiments for mind control.
CIA got fucked hard by this
LSD was created as a pill to use for mind control
a few people went crazy and killed themselves from taking it during mk ultra
by Dong Woo February 06, 2005
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the only thing that matters in the world. not the money itself but the concept of having wealth, being rich.
money controls the world. everything else is secondary
by Dong Woo November 17, 2004
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1. can which contains paint
2. slaps stupid ppl
that paint can is gonna slap ya fuckin face
by Dong Woo August 10, 2005
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site that which contains some of the most disturbing shit u can ever see in your life

asd: i just saw a horse fuck a fat lady from the back
me: eww the fuck u disgusting shit
by Dong Woo April 25, 2005
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