1. A person, generally smaller in size but not age, who can be a little fuckboy at times, pissing everybody off and shit.

2. A middle schooler that tries to act badass and attempts to be mature towards high schoolers.
1. Shut the fuck up you lil shit.

2. Shut the fuck up you lil shit.
by a lil shit February 24, 2016
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A person that is being a turd most of the time when your with them
Robert stop being such a lil shit your a annoying the hell at of me
by Fij 23 May 21, 2020
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Personally I use it when refering to little children on the internet. Why? Well kids on the internet are just annoying, dumb and are the sole reason why those annoying yet popular youtube channels geared towards babies/pre-schoolers exist.

Age range

Some more reasons.
-Shit spelling & grammar so bad it gives me headaches reading them.
-They are the ONLY people posting the stupid „First.“ comments on youtube, I‘m assuming they want the hate or are too stupid to not refresh the page to double check.
-They aren‘t old enough to handle the internet, for a lot of reasons.
-They‘re just garbage at online games and play games they shouldn‘t due to neglectful parents.
Lil shit 1: FeRsT cOmEnNt!

Most people: STFU and PTFO!

Lil shit 1 in chat: I was cyberbullied online!

Most people: Fucking hell, we have a lil shit on our team.
by McConplaint May 22, 2019
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Poopy on the foot then inserted into one's ass for optimal pleasure. FDR was known to do this with the help of the secret service.
Lil' shit kickin never hurt anything, just shove it up in there.
by JohnJohnThePimp April 4, 2003
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Since lil nas has come out gay i've just started saying your on some lil nas gay shit
"i stuck it up my boohole"
"your on some lil nas gay shit no cap m'bro"
by Wonderboyleon August 12, 2019
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