I recommend that you use nvm instead of "nm".
Guy: So, what do you think of my pic?
Girl: Oh wait, brb phone.
Guy: ok
Girl: nvm, Mom got the phone.
by SilverCrescent June 01, 2005
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what I text my mans when I ask him to come over and he say β€œto cuddle?”
mans: wyd?
me: come overrrr ;)
mans: to cuddle?
me: nvm.
by Hehehe112 February 23, 2020
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it is a abbreviation as "never mind" used mostly while texting


by lifegivesyoulemons July 04, 2017
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You were too stupid to understand what I was talking about so I gave up
πŸ‘±click on go
πŸ‘΅where is that
by mema962 March 09, 2015
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