An adolecent overweight canadian kid who one day grabbed a golf-ball retriever and utilized his schoosl camera to record himmself fighting an imaginary lightsaber battle in which he stumbles repeatedly (due to an obvious lack of coordination)and created his own sound effects. He accidently left the video and some friends of his found it and ( supposedly using kazaa) uploaded to the web for millions to see. Soon after being seen on the web several other versions were made with digitally added graphics and sound. Among these are "Star Wars Kid: Reloaded" ( Matrix Reloaded trailer parody" and an a version in which the boy is given Star Wars sound effects and the golf ball retriever is made into a double bladed light saber.

After while the kid found out and was supposedly so afflicted by the mockery (imagine the shit he got at school) that he had to be admited to some ward or hospital and his mother attempted to sue ( who I am not sure, probably the friends) Some people who enjoy the video have actauly got some money together and are sending it to him, they bought him an IPOD. As for the Episode 3 thing, I havent been able to confirm that rumor... we will see soon enough any ways.
"Who the hell is that ?"
"That's the Star Wars Kid"
by Red October December 23, 2004
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The last force sensitive boy, born into a generation of slackers and unbelievers. If you want to experience the legend go to
Star Wars Kid says,"Size matters not."
by Ilitorat & brazen July 9, 2003
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A poor and rather unfortunate overweight boy, who self massacred himself by filming a rather unpleasant set of physical actions.
Doesn't Jordan look like the Star Wars Kid??
by Bradley the Explorer January 28, 2004
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An overweight Star Wars fan from Quebec. He taped himself pretending to fight a lightsaber battle (every time I try to see it I'm redirected grrr) which is supposed to be so bad it's funny. Some of his "friends" uploaded the video to the net. Soon 5 million people saw him. Oh dear.
Well, I may be embarrassed but I'm totally famous.
by Newbia April 27, 2004
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i wanna be like the star wars kid. hes making all this money and might be in episode 3.
by i hart the swk September 3, 2003
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