a guy with a pea shaped head, bearing in mind that u only say it to the annoying pea heads.
"oi!.... Pea-ed"
"Yea nice one Pea-ed"
by Myers February 11, 2004
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Teesside word for someone who's head is far too small for their body.
"Swear down, seen him? He's got a proper peahead!"
by towz January 13, 2005
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A person with a horrendously small head, some would say similar to a pea, hence the term pea head.
My ideal man has a Pea Head and a Pencil dick, calls his arms his "guns" and has a jam eating mouth.
by Joanna Humpalot September 01, 2005
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a person who's head is abnormally small, and is relatable to the shape of a pea.
"damn! I think Selena is hot"
"man are you blind, she's got a peahead"
by mikekyle jnr June 26, 2013
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Usually small of head and large of body, thus resulting in the fact that head is disproportionate to rest of self.
Slyvester 'pea-head' Stallone, Tina 'pea-head' Turner, The Incredible 'pea-head' Hulk
by Purple Panted Pussy August 21, 2009
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