The best friend anyone could ask for. Truely awesome in every way. Knows when your feeling down, upset, happy, hurt or just want to talk. A Leigh will be there for you no matter what time it is or how far away she is from you. A Leigh is also someone who will make you laugh so hard your tummy will ache for days...

***But be warned.... a little wee may escape!!***
oh you must have had a Leigh
by Shelstar June 24, 2010
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A girl lost thinking she's broken and feeling unloved. Untill one day when she started to awaken and she knew she was a great friend, trustworthy, sweet and drama free! That's a Leigh that's sits along with only thoughts that won't stop.... maybe I should be a pill head again just numb it!
Leigh is feeling unloved and unwanted so much that she thinks she should take pills just to numb the pain away!
by My higher or my high self August 9, 2017
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A Leigh is someone who is one of the sweetest, prettiest, most amazing girls you will ever meet. She is usually very shy but once you get to know her, she can be one of the nicests people you will ever meet and would make a great best friend. A Leigh is usually someone who loves art and drawings. A Leigh will have your back no matter what and will never talk bad about you behind your back, unless you do something mean to her. A Leigh is a very good best friend and will make an amazing girlfriend to any boy who is lucky enough to have her. A "Brandon" is someone who she is very compatible with.

A Leigh is also somebody who is very girly, loves watching movies such as "Titanic", and loves going out shopping with friends but will only spend so much because she is very responsible.
"You see that girl over there?"
"Her name is Leigh. She is one of my best friends."
"She is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. Wanna go meet her?"

"Mom and dad, what do you think of Leigh, my girlfriend?"
Dad - "Your mother and I think she is very sweet."
Mom- "She seems like such a sweet girl. We hope that you won't mess this relationship up!"

"I won't. I promise."
by littlechatterbugDOTcom December 29, 2011
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A beautiful girl who deserves the world. She sweet and understanding, she has a beautiful smile and the most amazing sense of humor. She doesn't appreciate herself enough, and it hurts to think she doesn't smile every time she looks herself in the mirror because she gives me chills.
Man, Leigh is just a sweetheart.
by DJ Hamilton July 26, 2018
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Really cool dude, so chill. Funny and can make a meme out of anything.
Got real good music taste. He also got the squid powers. NGYES man.
Favorite colour is probably purple. Any other colour is fine but purple is this mans colour. Don't mess with his colour. (That was not meant to me racist. Im sowwy.)
He is a really awesome dude.
Person 1: Woah that dude has really cool music!
Person 2: I know right! And those glasses look designer on him.
Person 3: That is definitely a Leigh.
by PP for your PG movies June 12, 2019
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The prettiest girl in school! Wanted by all the boys. Because of her outgoing, strong, flirty personality. She flirts without knowing it and always finds her way back to the same guy, because she believes he can change.
She's so hot, her name is Leigh!
by Teenage girl88 March 22, 2016
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Leigh is a small, depressed town just outside of Wigan. Runner up in the 2009 'Shithole of the North competition' it appealed the decision which was upheld. On closer inspection by the judges it was decided, on balance, that the town had no redeeming features at all.

Local passtimes include flicking cigarette butts at the few unfortunate ducks that populate the canal and fighting.

The gene pool in Leigh is limited, noone moves to Leigh by choice; unless they're from St Helens which in any event would cause further gene distress.
Welcome to Leigh. Shithole of the North.
by Snobbo84 December 14, 2010
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