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after many hours of googling "andy milonakis" and getting past all of the MTV jumble on the first page, i came across a USA TODAY article that included an interview with Andy explaining about a disorder that he has, "a growth hormone thing" said milonakis.

He has no physical disablities other than that fact that he can pull off being a middle school kid. In truth, he is a 27 year old network administrator for a consulting firm.

If you simply look around online, click a link here and there, you will find the truth.

When asked his age in an interview, he responded "somewhere between 10 and 30".
by Tyler K. July 29, 2005
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The belief which opposes removing the tie between church and state.
By practicing Antidisestablishmentarinism,
one can assume that they will not make any bad or good impact on the world to cause seperation.
by Tyler K. July 28, 2005
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woman: to smack a woman's breast from the side at a sensitive time.
man: to smack the head of a man's penis after sex.
"I sucked her titty and then slundered her boob!"

"I fucked his brains out, then slundered him in the shower. He Cried."
by Tyler K. July 31, 2005
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