The year the the United States turned 200.
America became independent in 1776. Therefore, it turned 200 in 1976.
by a Supra May 31, 2010
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"Carrie" is an epic supernatural horror film directed by Brian De Palma. This is the first of many film adaptations of Stephen King's novel of the same name.

The plot to "Carrie" is as follows,

Carrie White is a shy 16 year-old girl who is often mocked at bullied at her school. After gym class while she is showering, she experiences her first period. She then panics because her mother, who despises anything related to intimacy, never told her about it. All the other girls mock her by throwing tampons at her and chanting phrases like "plug it up!". The coach comes in to break it up and excuses Carrie for the day. Her mother tells her that her period is the result of a sin and locks her in a "prayer closet" to pray for forgiveness. The coach gives all the girls who mocked Carrie detention for a week and bans Chris Hargensen from the upcoming prom.

A couple bullies, including Chris, go to a barn to gather pig's blood for a prank on Carrie during prom. Their plan is to rig the prom royalty election to where Carrie would win prom queen, and Tommy Ross, would win prom king. They would put the bucket of pig's blood on top of the stage and dump it on Carrie as she's on the stage. Sue Snell, the only person who doesn't bully Carrie, is suspicious of Chris but never tells anyone. Carrie's mother Margaret, tells her not to go but Carrie goes anyway. During the night of the prom, Chris dumped the bucket of blood on top of Carrie, and the bucket fell down and hit Tommy.
Chris and her boyfriend Billy sneak out right after. After hallucinating that everyone is mocking her, Carrie uses her telekinesis to seal off the entrances to the building, trapping everyone inside. She then uses the firehose to spray the lights to start a fire, killing everyone inside. As she walks home, Chris and Billy try to hit Carrie with their car but uses her telekinesis once again to roll and blow up the car. At home, Margaret explains that Carrie was conceived due to marital rape when her husband came home drunk, she admits she enjoyed and thought that she had sinned and that Carrie must be killed. She stabs Carrie in the back but survives and escapes. As Margaret is about to kill Carrie, she uses telekinesis to throw knives at Margaret, "crucifying" her to the kitchen wall. Carrie then loses control of her power and burns the house down with them both inside. The closing scene is Sue Snell, the only person who didn't bully her, and the only survivor of the prom, has a nightmare where she is delivering flowers to the charred remains of Carries house that has a for sale sign, vandalized saying "Carrie White burns in Hell". As she puts the flowers down, Carrie's bloody hand reaches out from the rubble and grabs her. Sue then wakes up screaming as she is being comforted by her mother.

Carrie (1976 film) is creepy as hell!
by bmhorton August 24, 2022
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A war that happened in an Irish bar with a few retired people throwing shit at each over

Also can be referring to a huge mess, more often the definition mean't.
What happened in here... don't tell me it was the Irish poop war of 1976...
by HalfOrcHero November 5, 2017
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