4 definitions by truffles

a giant talent competition, which no one should have any reason to hate.
watch american idol on fox!
by truffles September 20, 2005
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a man that looks like a kid with a show that you think is amazing and really funny until you find out that hes really 29 and realize that its really not cute or funny to watch a grown man act like a little kid when in fact he should probably get a life and a job.
dude have you seen the andy milonakis show? its hilarious!

dude andy milonakis is 29

ew nvm
by truffles September 20, 2005
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when a girl has a massive clitoris at the beginning of her massive wizards sleeve
Damn, Dazzas wizards cufflink was huge!
by truffles June 5, 2015
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