1. Short for "am I right?"
2. A website for people to post their opinions and see if their peers agree/disagree
1. It sucks when you find a hot girl only to find out she has a bigger dick than you, amirite?

2. I spent my whole day reading posts on amirite, and now I can't stop ending my sentences with "amirite."
by skunks November 7, 2010
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A word that draws attention to a particularly clever (or not so much) play on words. Used primary on internet messageboards.
Hey man? More like Gay-Man amirite?
by superangrymonkey February 3, 2008
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A website at where people post questions and opinions and others vote if they agree or disagree with them.
It's similar to FML and MLIA and perceived by many to be their "saviour" from MLIA's continued downward spiral to lameness.
"You cannot bring sexy back without a receipt, amirite?"
Yeah you are!

"Hotels Rooms: if it's not bolted down it's complimentary. amirite?"
Yeah you are!

"Cookie dough flavoured ice cream is overrated, amirite?"
No way!
by AmyWrite November 7, 2010
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a site were people write there queries or opinions and people vote on what they think
kind of like sites like MLIA
guy1: guess what?
guy2: i was on amirite all day
guy1: no but thats awesome
by ninjasrlikecrack January 5, 2010
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Hay guys, taht is so cool amirite lol!
by sparklemaster February 24, 2004
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A phrase used by people who invariably are completely wrong, and usually douchebags, begging for affirmation of their retarded opinion or joke.
Chris Brown would never beat a woman. He's dreamy. AMIRITE?
by DimThexter May 16, 2013
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