Used to make dumb yet uproarously funny pun-like things by changing a word around. Occasionally followed by, "Am I right, folks?"
Guitar? More like gaytar.
Gamefaqs? More like Gamefags.
Good Charlotte? More like Bad Charlotte.
Gamecube? More like Lamecube.
Eminem? More like Enema. Am I right, folks?
by Jaques February 21, 2005
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It simply means more like. but its used in stupid chains to link equally nerdy things together.
For instance:

A:I like the velvet underground
B:Velvet underground, more like heroin.
A:more like illegal drugs
B:more like dumb
A;more like Lord of the Rings
B:More like not.
A:More like dumb, more like Legolas is such a faggot.
B:More like fuck you, buddy, legolas kicks ass. he'd kick the shit out of you
A:More like he wears a fucking dress in the last one. more like he's become such a gay sex symbol over the last few years.
B:More like a kickass fighter and archer.
A:More like that is totally obsolete when lined up to his gayness.
B:More like Ian McKellan was gay and he kicked ass as gandalf, asshole.
A:More like you are such a fag for liking lord of the rings, you fucking homo.
B:More like whatever
by Allen January 12, 2004
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More like gay, is used in all situations where you dont agree with the word being said. See: more like
The difference between "More like" and "More like gay" is that word gay is applied to everything.

Prodominantly used to make fun of peoples names.
Paul J: How gay is Alana?
David B: More like Gaylana

Person 1: Youre such a Cunt Fucker
Person 2: More like Gay fucker

David B: Hayden youre so gay
Jake R: More like Hayden Pisexual
David B: More like Gayden Pisexual

Fag 1: Do you have Myspace?
Cool Person 1: More like Gayspace.

Mass Bebo email: Gaylana wants you to join her on Bebo!
Cool Person: More like Gaybo.
by David Beadle August 28, 2006
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When someone might say something and you might quickly retaliate by saying the sentence but putting gay somewhere in it.
by Regineer October 17, 2016
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a period of time where something is off or wrong which is needed to be a bit more like spaghetti. Transforming it into a new plane of exsixtance
"Is that train heading right for us?" "Uh, More Like Spaghetti" the train was gone
by MysteriousGLEG June 15, 2021
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A phrase used in a satirical way to parody those people who make incredibly stupid comebacks to things. The phrase is meant to sound like a stupid comeback an idiot would make; though it should be noted that the phrase itself is only used when joking among friends and is not for the purpose of argument.
Friend: Hey, Dave's havin a party tonight. You comin?

You: Party? Yeah, more like piss!

Both of you:hahahah
by Bassdog109 August 27, 2006
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When an idea or something else is so stupid, that it drops to the level of Jar Jar Binks. Props be deserved if you have the cojones to actually say it though.
Writer: Ok.. So we get Will Smith and his son... And they crash on an alien planet with fake british accents... And this planet tries to kill them.... But that planet is actually Earth!
Logical person: *Thinks* More like Jar Jar!

Had logical person been brave, this world would have been spared another atrocity.
Another example:

Writer: So it's a remake of Annie... BUT SHE"S NOT A GINGER!
Everyone: *Thinks* More like Jar Jar!
Guy: *Says* More like Jar Jar! that is a horrible idea. Just keep annie on broadway!
Everyone: That's Racist!

The moral being "Speak up if it's clearly a bad idea!"
by LShockley April 15, 2015
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