Not to be confused with amirite, this is when you are actually asking if you are right.
by mafiahairspy February 26, 2015
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Used when old people try to say something that is 'cool'
1."Dad what are you doing?"

2. "Yeeting on dem zombs. Am I right gamers?"
by GOLDENYEEE January 14, 2019
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It's when you want to blame someone for something or something you did and you don't want to be blamed then you just blame Ben am I right?
Me:oops I accidently killed you...

Someone:wow how rude.

Me:welp you know what that means..

Me:blame Ben am I right?
by Lirainbow May 22, 2019
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Women am I right? When I talk to these hoes they aint sayin nothing but slay.They want equal rights but if you punch them its a whole different story.They want play men's sports and do things that men do but like just GO WASH THE DISHES AND CLEAN!!!!!
by The true Pepsi Man November 1, 2022
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An extremely stupid pun that everyone hates and the person who says it has lowered his bar by a lot.

The person who says it normally laughs and thinks it was a smart and fun joke.
1+1=3 Aint right, its left.

OMG I can't believe Trump is president, am I right or am I left?
by troytyggis55 January 9, 2017
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