To browse amazon for gifts or items to get. Much like "googling".
Rob was amazoning to find something to get his girlfriend for Christmas.
by NoSoup4U December 4, 2010
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Amazoning, working hard, having fun and making history at the same time.
Jeff had an amazoning day , he'd been productive and had fun at the same time as he made history.
by Peter Geddes August 24, 2021
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An online shopping service founded by Jeff Bezos, who somehow manage to damage any package that you may order.
Friend "Hey dude did you buy something off of amazon?"

Me "Yeah dude but the box disintegrated by the time it got here."
by CobraCrusher October 7, 2019
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A website that takes away jobs.
Amazon is ok but screws people over.
by Henry Barbie Dahl April 5, 2019
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(N.) A really big, tall woman.
-Isn't Ashanti a real Amazon? -No, you fool. She's just standing next to Ja Rule. -Oh, well since he only comes up to her chest, I thought she was really an amazon.
by G-Union May 15, 2003
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The act of purchasing something online you'd be too embarrassed to buy in public.
GUY 1: "Dude! Did you check out that new dick book? It's hilarious. You should totally go to the store and get it!"
GUY 2: "No way, man. But I'll totally Amazon It."
by Zac Attack December 8, 2007
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The state of mind you are in when using any online store, in particular amazon, and you buys a lot of things you don't really need.
Last night I bought like 25 albums off amazon, I was totally in The Amazone....
by reluctantDog January 27, 2011
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