The act of becoming overwhelmed in self-masturbation.
The act of having trouble erecting.
Sorry i showed late dude, i was really working hard.

What did you and hannah do last night?
I tried to get on her last night, but i was working too hard.
by bisty bist June 2, 2007
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A woman who’s always working hard and don’t need a man or have no one to depend on to help her. She accomplished all her with no handouts. She takes care of her kids and home and still do her.
Damn Marie have two jobs three kids single mother and takes care of home. And she’s about to open her own business. Now that’s a hworking hard women .
by Working hard women June 13, 2018
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Buzzword (technically phrase) frequently used to describe the 'culture' of a company, particularly startups or larger corps trying to project a cool image. In serious usage it's intended to imply that while there's a lot to do it's never thankless and that employees enjoy the experience overall; in practice, it generally means you're going to be working a lot of late nights without overtime for fear you won't be seen as a 'team player'; if you're lucky, this is recompensed by an open bar at the company holiday party.

You're probably not lucky, if you've taken a job where this was supposed to be one of the selling points.
"This is a really vibrant, growing organization. People love it here. We work hard and play hard." -- an interviewer you should not trust with your life or your livelihood. Run.
by ardith March 23, 2013
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Funny play on words used by successful management types. Can be combined with finger guns for the ultimate combo.
Supervisor: Hey Joe! Working hard or hardly working? Hahahaha.

Joe: Hahahahaha! You're the best boss ever!
by dunderscott January 4, 2010
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A pathetic attempt at word play and stock phrase of the middle-management careerist asswipe. Often accompanied by finger guns. Bang bang.
Supervisor: You working hard, Joe?
Joe: Yes.
Supervisor: Working hard or hardly working? Hahaha!
by cubiclejoe April 13, 2007
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A person who’s incredibly dedicated to their career and often has more then one job yet never turns down a good time. Their schedule is so crammed with work and social events that they have to pull out a 20lb planner to pencil you in.
Work hard play hard. Alishia. On top of her game, educated, has a full-time career, dedicated mother, plans every detail of her life. She’s so busy that when you text her she will forget to text you back but will call you in a rush on speaker phone on her way to next event or as she’s working on something. (There will always be another person she’s speaking to at the same time) However, when it’s time to go out she will pregame in the car with fireball shots, drop it like it’s hot when her song comes on, and she’s a social butterfly loved by everyone she meets.
by JMarron October 2, 2021
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