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(N.)1. an adult Anime from 1998, that can presently be seen on either DVD or Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" if you get really high one night and stay up long enough to catch it.
2. see "Master Shake's" definition.
3. Country Music
Cowboy, Cowboy Bebop. I heard it really rocks. There's Spike, and Jet, and Faye, and Ed, and Ein, who licks his crotch. The End.
by G-Union May 16, 2003
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(N.) The old South Park catch phrase up until 2002, when they stopped killing Kenny and he came back from the dead through the help of Chef's parents and yet another lame Rob Schnieder movie. ("Rob Schnieder is Kenny")
Oh My God! They Didn't Killed Kenny!
You........, Non-Bastards!
by G-Union October 28, 2003
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(N.) How Dumb F**ks spell their own sweet-a** record label.
It's the M-U-R-E-D-R Inc. I'm the rapper who fags, and totes tampax in bags... -Ja "Mini-Me" Rule
by G-Union May 8, 2003
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(N.) An Old man who is a good producer, but sucks at Rapping, no matter how popular or "Original" or rich he is. Usually is liked by people who have no subjective views on Hip Hop and will listen to anything. Once again, Good Producer, Lame Mediocre at Best Rapper.
The kind of people who listen to Dr. Dre and his dull, slow, boring, Talk-like style of rap are probably HUGE fans of D12's Bizarre. If you can speak in a slow, dreary, drowsy tone, you can Rap like Dr. Dre.
by G-Union December 18, 2003
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(N.) The guardian/assistant of Peach Toadstool, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. About 2'6", and 50 lbs. He's a member of his race called the "Toads," who are elfish-like people with Mushroom heads ( or maybe they're hats. I dunno. )

His name is kind of like how "Guy" or "Man" is a name to us, even though it's what we are. His age is very indetermined, much like Santa's Elves. He could be anywhere between 8 and 38. On the old TV series in the early 90's, he was at least old enough to drive, but in the new "Anime-Style" video games, he's very young, like around age 6, as his voice is very high-pitched.
Toad belongs to a race named the Toads. He can be played in Super Mario Kart 64.
by G-Union June 7, 2003
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(N.) Taken from McDonalds, a McJob is a minimum wage paying job, that requires litlle to no education that offers little or no advancement or pay. In short, the only thing High School Dropouts can get to make money. (Also, handing out flyers in front of a store with a mascot outfit on.)
Hey, Diego has a McJob, doesn't he? Wait, wait, I don't think so. Hold up. Diego could'nt have a McJob. He'd be too busy jacking off into the McFryer to be able to hold down a McJob. He's just a 28 year old bum in his mama's house. That's why he spends 16 hours a day on the internet.
by G-Union November 25, 2003
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(N.) The 2003 Anthrax. Said to be gotten by touching diseased prarie dogs, HENCE THE NAME!
So far, now theres Chicken Pox, Cow Pox, ( and the fictious Cow & Chicken Pox ) Small Pox, Big Pox, Pig Pox and now Monkey Pox. How about for next year, we get back on the farm animals theme and go to Rooster Pox?
by G-Union June 24, 2003
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