abbr. African Fighting King.
Noun: A well-known african warrior monarch, usually between the 4th and 19th centuries.
Damn, that King Shaka is one f***ing AFK.
by fb41 June 30, 2005
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Afraid of fried knishes
I wanted to take him to a deli, but like many in his family, he's afk
by Speziak Montgomery July 12, 2005
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if you needed an excuse as to why you can't come in to work and need a low key abbreviation that not many know of, you would say ''I'm AFK'' and they would say ''Oh okay, take care'' not knowing what that actually means.
by livealittle April 14, 2015
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Away From Keyboard. Used if you are not around the computer and you have to do something.
Alright, I'll be AFK.
via giphy
by Dead Possums January 25, 2017
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Pasha (see also 'shirker')
Where's Pasha? Damn, he's AFK again!
by anonymous February 16, 2005
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