The single, most useful item in the whole game of minecraft.
Awesome dude: I built a huge redstone computer in Minecraft. It's so awesome, I MCEdited a creeper spawner and I play pong with creepers instead of a ball an-
Redstone Noob: Well, made a noobish auto-opening door. so FUUUUUUUCK you!
by bakagain June 5, 2011
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A fictional mineral in the game Minecraft, found in the form of dust. Used to power machines and can be crafted into a block.
With the last bit of redstone dust placed on the ground, my machine was ready.
by Gaaahh May 12, 2020
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A red electrical conductor in machines or traps in the game minecraft
by Epictailz January 25, 2017
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A purely fictional material capable of being grinded into a versatile powder used for both advanced and simple machinery. These machines can be from as simple as a door that opens by itself and giant supercomputers. The material can also be used to create certain devices used in the creation of Redstone Machines.
"Hey do you know how redstone comparators work?"
"Me neither."
by Xx_-Booty_Warrior-_xX February 21, 2023
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You make the blip-blop go bibi-blop
When Felix is becoming better at redstone than you.
by diego_lh September 12, 2019
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A word to describe Minecraft players who create complex Redstone contraptions.
That guy who created that 8x8 piston door must be a real redstoner.
by thatgamingpatriot August 5, 2016
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He is 82, so he is going to die soon.
WE HATE Sumner Redstone
by SpaceMan++ July 14, 2008
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