The single, most useful item in the whole game of minecraft.
Awesome dude: I built a huge redstone computer in Minecraft. It's so awesome, I MCEdited a creeper spawner and I play pong with creepers instead of a ball an-
Redstone Noob: Well, made a noobish auto-opening door. so FUUUUUUUCK you!
by bakagain June 5, 2011
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A red electrical conductor in machines or traps in the game minecraft
by Epictailz January 25, 2017
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A fictional mineral in the game Minecraft, found in the form of dust. Used to power machines and can be crafted into a block.
With the last bit of redstone dust placed on the ground, my machine was ready.
by Gaaahh May 12, 2020
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You make the blip-blop go bibi-blop
When Felix is becoming better at redstone than you.
by diego_lh September 12, 2019
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A word to describe Minecraft players who create complex Redstone contraptions.
That guy who created that 8x8 piston door must be a real redstoner.
by thatgamingpatriot August 5, 2016
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He is 82, so he is going to die soon.
WE HATE Sumner Redstone
by SpaceMan++ July 14, 2008
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Pseudonym used by Murray Rothstein. Mr. Rothstein is a Jew and is the boss of Viacom corporation, which owns MTV.
by Ding Dong January 1, 2004
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