AFK stands for Away From Keyboard,like say your playing a game and you have to do something. You'd probably type AFK.
Johnny typed "AFK" in a game he was playing when his mum called him.
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The most evil type species on the Planet. If you ever come across an AFK make sure you kill it!
ScottyBoi: Holy shit Thax there's an AFK!

Thax: Kill all AFKS
by Dr. Connors May 27, 2018
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An acronym for "ashed, fucked, and kissed". Usually occurs in very toxic relationships in which a boyfriend or girlfriend "ashes" a joint on their significant other, then proceeds to have shitty sex with them. If someone has been AFK'd, they are most likely crazy.
"Yo dude, last night was so much fun, I AFK'd my girl."
Guy: "How'd you get that burn on your arm?"
Girl: "Oh this? My boyfriend AFK'd me when we were 14."
by sickoME March 28, 2019
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''away from keyboard''
In Roblox..

MrCRAzY20_7:I will find this guy

MrCRAzY20_7:how come?
Ellaplays123violent: because he is afk.
Chat: MrCRAzY20_7 has died
by Hacker11_54 September 01, 2018
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