Word used to describe beautiful, but small tits on a woman.
My god, look at the cupcakes on her ! I wouldnt mind parkin my bike in there I can tell ye !!!
by infinity February 25, 2004
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One day at the zoo, a little boy and his mom saw two monkeys having sex, the little boy asks his mom what they were doing, she said " honey their making cupckaes", on the way home the little boy saw two wild dogs haveing sex, he asks, "mommy what are they doing", she says "their making cupcakes". The next morning the mom wakes up to find the little boy sitting at the end of the bed. He asks "mommy, were you and daddy making cupcakes last night" she answers "yes honey how'd you know" he says "'cause i licked the icing off the sheets"
by Caitlyn Nelson June 09, 2006
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a female with a nice ass not a large one just a cup full.
has ariel been baking lately because she got cakes.. well cupcakes.
by mengting chung March 10, 2008
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amazing; money (definition 2); to the highest caliber
That Bugatti we saw driving down Sunset was so fuckin' cupcakes
by J Pitty June 07, 2006
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One who loves cupcakes sooo much that they have been given the name cupcakes carrato

Hey tony why did u eat all the cupcakes u spazz!?!?!
Tony:u guys are sooo funny! after 3 months its not funny anymore
by Slugger_from_Chincinnati December 17, 2005
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