away from keyboard - use it wen we're just getting something, usually a drink or snack and coming straight back. Or it could mean your leaving your computer on and not at the keyboard
afk a sec, afk, insted of gtg or brb - afk is a alternative a short term version
by j3n August 22, 2006
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"Away From Keyboard"
In Holland sometimes used on the street when somebody is diseased.
Have you heard Freek is afk?!
R.I.P. Mate!
by MisterAFK June 29, 2011
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AFk - Away from Keyboard
The next annoying thing from people going on an IM and putting busy straight away then going 30 minutes later i mean WTF. Avoid doing this unless you truely have a life or you want to play hard to get.
Dude that has a life - BRB guys dnt stat yet i got to feed the cat/baby/self
*'Dude that has a life' set his status to afk*

*Egotistic has signed in*
Decent person - Hey dude/babe hows it going
*Egotistic has set her/his status to away*
by T3H J4S0MEIS7ER October 05, 2006
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A term used by adolescent gamers to let their friends know that they will be unreachable for a bit. Most the time "afk" is used as a discreet way to say, "I will be right back, I am going to go masterbate for a bit." Creating the new popular meaning of AFK, "Another Fap Kill".
I will be afk for about 5 min.
by † Noobles † June 20, 2014
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It means " Away from keyboard ", and is usually used in online games, like Minecraft.
A: I'm gonna be afk for awhile, ok guys
B: ok
C:* secretly kills A while afk *
by gabehuffman October 01, 2014
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afk : away from keyboard , simply asying they might not be able to respond to you .
Sal :bobtheninja is AFK ?

DOM: hes isn`t there , hes away from the keyboard . lets call him instead .
by Bobtheninga < 3 April 22, 2009
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