a person who has done something so dumb that they are now completely fucked as a result
Man, I'm so burnt after being chased by the po-po and arrested last night
by Howardnit May 7, 2011
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someone who unknowingly caught an std and is feeling the symptoms.
girl 1- do you still like him?
girl 2- no... I heard he got burnt from this girl
by imsostarrstrukk March 25, 2013
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1. Attempting to be low-key, and failing miserably.

Joe, you're burnt as hell. A cop rolled by while you were sparking that blunt.
by Writer#462 August 28, 2008
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The "dead" feeling you get the day after taking a particularly speedy recreational drug, such as ecstasy, cocaine or PCP when you need to spend most the day sleeping as to recover from exhaustion. May or may not be accompanied by hangover-like effects, depending on what you've taken.
Gary: "Hey dude, you wanna go out?"
Mike: "Naw dude, I'm burnt. I took some pretty potent E last night."
Gary: "Aw man, that sucks. Go back to sleep."
by rollin hard April 21, 2007
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when you wake up half stoned from the night before and you don't feel like doing anything
Tom~ dude last night we smoked so much weed

Steve~ omg i know i'm so burnt
by some stoner kid October 9, 2007
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To get an std
Uggh!! That nigga is burnt.
by Nikki January 25, 2004
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something said that is off the wall. doing something considered dumb. wearing some crazy ass shit. ridiculous or fucked up. not funny but intended to be. old, out of date. forgetting something that's needed.
"dude why are you wearing those shoes with that? that is sooooo burnt."

" yeah my baby sent me roses when he knows I love tulips. he is so burnt."

"I rented a car to go to this shindigg so no one will see how burnt my car is".
by Neshell S. May 16, 2008
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