able to absorb or soak up; heat, light, moisture, movement, etc.
"My flow is heavy this month; good thing these tampons are so absorbent!"
OR "Absorbent and yellow and poris is he!
by SPerrin August 23, 2008
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Intensively engaged; engrossed
I absorbed all my noodles
by taduffy November 30, 2016
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To drain, and possibly soak, power or substance from a person, or liquid.
by Joel227 June 21, 2007
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attract, draw attention by
She was totally absorbed by the busker while wandering on the streets.
by Phoebus Chen March 3, 2016
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someone who leeches off another person.
hey mike stop being an absorber, I dont want to be your spawn.
assjacker sphincter-face and fuckwod
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When a man edges for so long his penis becomes moisturised by all of the pre-cum absorbed into his skin as he strokes.
Man, absorbation makes your shaft soooooooooooo soft!
by Lil_Kitten August 15, 2021
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Used to Nullify all different variants of "ur mom gay" or "no u"

Bob absorbs it into his body, destroying the balance between heaven and hell, opening hell's gates and letting demons loose. Also takes a great toll on Bob's body. Making him paralyzed from his waist down, however, the "ur mom gay" is neutralized.
Bob: ur mom gay
James: no u
Bob: Absorb
by CypInDyp May 23, 2018
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