The end all be all of all arguments. Doesn’t have a cool down and will completely annihilate your opponent.
Bob: Hey Jimmy ur mum gay
Jimmy: No u
Bob: *Fucking Dies*
by Urmumgaylol1226 February 18, 2018
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The ONLY known technique that is able to free you from the almost-inescapable insult, known as, "ur mom gay lol."

How to use this dreadful counter:

1. Bait your (already dead) opponent into using the one hit one kill insult, "ur mom gay lol."

2. Smile! You've already won. Use the "no u" comeback.

3. Watch your opponent die a horrible death. Don't let children watch, as the violence is too much for young minds.
Fortnite player: Hey uhh, wanna play some Fortnite bro?
You: Uhh, dude? Miss me with that gay shit.
Fortnite player: Hah! Ur mom gay lol!
*You smile cruelly, as it's just too easy.*
You: no u... lol
*Fortnite player dies an indescribably violent, bloody death.*
by TheSpeedOfLight February 24, 2018
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The end all to any argument. Used when one either has no intelligent argument left, wants to try and use "no u" as an intelligent argument, or want to piss someone off. Most effective after one has been insulted.
Jack: You are a dirty cheating whore for sleeping with my brother!

Jill: No u.

Jack: *Speechless*
by The BR August 23, 2006
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The ultimate trump on the Interwebz. Ends all arguments and debates.

Similar to the religious argument, "you have no faith."
Person 1: ...and that's why you suck.

Person 2: NO U.

Person 1: *Head explodes*
by wexer9 September 26, 2008
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The one and only continuous never ending debate with a single argument, being the counter argument itself. Several persons may join the debate at any time, not causing any interruption or disruption.
(... Hours later)

-no u
-No you.
-No u.
-Hi there...
-no you.
-no u
-No you
-no uu
-NO you
-NOu YoU
-no uou
-no you
-no u

by #Hole January 16, 2010
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Perfect Comeback to any insult. Or even sometimes, a conversation ender.
Jaimie: Your Fat
Brian: no u
Jaimie: *Freaking Dies*
by Zxturn February 26, 2020
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The fucking best comeback anyone could say. It is impossible to say things after that apart from no u back.
Worker: Yes, Boss
Boss: You're Fired
Worker: no u
Boss: *leaves workplace*
by NiggaThot6969 April 29, 2019
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