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The most devestating insult to ever be invented by humanity. Popularized by NFKRZ.
Karl: You look like shit.
John: ur mom gay
Karl: *ruptures an artery and fucking dies*
by DustyHobo February 12, 2018
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Please dont use this on someone
Billy : Ur mom gay
You : Ur dad lesbian
*Billy Dies*
*Billys brother is mocking your family*
You : Ur family transgender
*He gets burned and becomes ashes*
*Billys father is mocking your country*
You : Ur country bisexual
*WW3 starts*

Please dont use this if you dont want WW3 to happen.
by Ur planet pedophile March 11, 2018
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ur mom gay: A term originating all the way back to the prehistoric times. It’s an ancient relic that translates to “I don’t like you”. This phrase takes your dislike for someone to the next level.
Alfredo: Your hair looks dumb, kid.
Me: Hey Alfredo, ur mom gay.
by Jeremiah Wildson February 05, 2018
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