no but more than no, so absolutely not
ava- “can i stay longer
by _johnxcena_ August 5, 2020
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A phrase used to highly disapprove of someone, something, or an action. This phrase is usually said in a nasty tone.
misbehaving child: Can I eat this ice cream before dinner?
child's mother: Absolutely not.
by riri18 October 27, 2017
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Something only a Sith deals in.
"If you're not with me, then you're my enemy."

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes"
by awesomeMB9 September 26, 2020
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A brand of vodka made popular with a witty marketing campaign.
Six shots of Absolut and I fell off my barstool.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
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When you put absolute before an insult, you make its career ending abilities 10x stronger by making the victim feel dumb.

Guy 1: What’s 3 times 4?
Guy2: I’m not answering that you dunce!
Guy 1: :(


Guy 1: what’s 3 times 4?
Guy 2: I’m not answering that you absolute dunce!
Guy 1: I don’t feel so good D:
by Trendyhoe June 21, 2018
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