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When an elderly person, such as your grandfather, complains incessantly about nothing.
Grandpa ruined another family dinner by aarping the whole time about his bunions.
by katamos August 30, 2008
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Getting old, (Derived from the organization that caters to seniors)
Man hurry the fuck up, I'm AARPing over here!

Dude 1: Hey , you going out with us tonight?
Dude 2: Nah man, I gotta work tomorrow, I'm just gonna go home.
Dude 1:: Man you're AARPing!
by Some wiseman November 13, 2017
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When an elderly person is using the restroom.

Esp. when he/she is taking a long time.
Person 1: Do you have any idea where Grandpa is?

Person 2: No idea, he' been gone a while. Maybe he's aarping
by bamyo June 24, 2011
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