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Musical style invented by Deborah Harry, lead singer of Blondie and perpetuated by music publishers curious to see how long; 1)African American males can continue to murder each other for trivial reasons and 2)African American females can continue to be exemplified as anonymous arm decoration and interchangable sex toys.
'It's a shame there's no handgun brand that rhymes with 'bitch' or 'ho', since it would make rap lyrics much easier to write'
by MYCRFT May 21, 2005
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The highest poker hand you can have which is worth less than any straight.
"Flopped AAA, but he filled his straight on the river"
by MYCRFT May 19, 2005
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1)Well organized gang of shakedown artists running a protection racket, extorting usurious payoffs from honest businesses using the tactical codewords 'Senior's Discount'. Using tactics not dissimilar to those of organized crime, differing only in its blatant daylight robbery nature and its quasi-legitimacy as an NGO.
2) The Political wing of the notorious Grey Panthers.
1)'Gimme my discount or the next issue of the AARP Newsletter will PUBLISH your sorry ass'
2)'I'm sorry, Mr. Pharmaceutical Company, but if I vote for tariffs on drug imports, the AARP will make sure that I can't get elected dogcatcher in this district'
by MYCRFT May 21, 2005
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Brief interval between answering/generating funny/rude email, checking portfolio/bank balances, chatting, shopping online, checking messengers, playing online games, getting coffee/snacks/gossip/jokes in breakroom, updating resume', smoking/snorting/chewing/shooting/huffing while appearing busy to superiors at current place of employment
'brb, Fearless Leader is heading this way, gotta take a work break'
by MYCRFT May 19, 2005
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