To have sex with someone. Often used as a verb. Often used by males referring to having sex with a female.
"I plowed her field!"
by CityGirl February 13, 2003
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verb; To firmly plunge one's dick into someone's hole.
Johnny: Yo bro did you plow that biddy last night?
Nick: Yeah bro, all day every day all day.
Johnny: What a duelytown.
by Juan Valdez. May 30, 2010
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To ram in the ass or vagina from behind with great force,can be done to whomever u sexually desire.a form of sexual intercourse
bob:im going to plow a girl right in the vagina tonite
by imSamtastic13 June 20, 2009
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to copulate with a woman, to have sex with a woman
He thought about plowing her but dismissed the idea as unlikely. (use of plow ending in ing)
by The Return of Light Joker April 28, 2009
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The most forceful of intercourse, that can be readily misconceived as assault or homocide.
It is a very clumsy, ogreish style, similar to 'throttling,' which is a little bit lighter, probably faster, less reckless, and with a bit more finesse.
Kelsey Jennings is so kinky. If I banged her out, I'd throw her up against a wall upside down and plow the living shit out of her.
by salty ballz June 22, 2006
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To eat A LOT of food.
I plowed so much food today.
by idieh85 December 27, 2011
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inserting a pipe into your own or someones rectum and blowing into it
ex jub boy likes to pplow himself
by Nematode July 20, 2004
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