A term used to indicate an unnamed Muslim male, can be used in a deragatory manner as the word haji has been used in the past. Can be compared to how the name Jose is used to indicate a nameless male of hispanic origins, or Tyrone or Chang, to signify blacks and asians.

Dude 1:Yo, look son, there go a Muhammad!
Dude 2: His people blew up our homes!
a Muhammad: My name aint Muhammad!!!
by Malcolm OSX April 23, 2006
This guy has actual definitions on urban dictionary compared to Jesus, which are mostly jokes.
Muhammad had many wives
by 8we6oqd4wq May 2, 2020
The last and final prophet of Allah, also the most beloved prophet of all time. A great leader of this Ummah
You're such a Muhammad!
by Excuse me my name is August 28, 2017
Muhammad’s are the cutest and most loving boys you will ever meet! If you get a Muhammad, keep him! If his your best friend, he’ll tease you a lot! If he’s your significant other he’ll treat you right like if his life depended on it!
I’m so glad I have a Muhammad!
by Filipinogurl October 28, 2019
Muhammad is a guy who is kind and loving. Muhammad always makes someone happy when they are sad. He always has his friends back. Your lucky if your muhammad
by Real words mean a lot March 23, 2019
He has a phat juicy ass.
Guy 1: “Bro check out the pics my girlfriend sent me

Guy 2: “Nah, that’s definitely Muhammad. ”
by coochdestroyer875 February 25, 2021
Someone that wears the best basketball shoes and still gets clapped 12-0 he is pretty bad at fortnite, he is very big and still cannot block any shots. He wears glasses and he sucks at life.
Why you gotta be such a Muhammad
by trash boo November 7, 2019