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A term to describe a Iraqi people regardless of sex or ethnic background. Based loosely on the Arabic word "al-haj" which means one who traveled to Mecca. First coined in Baghdad by the ISG in May 2003.
Hey, go ask that haji where we can buy some food.
by John79g May 04, 2005
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(hah-gee) n. offensive slang; disparaging term for arabs, especially those of Islamic faith. First used by US military forces during the early stages of 2003 Iraq invasion.
Too many Hajis moving into this town.
by BKOG January 11, 2010
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Haji is a title in Islam for one who has completed the pilgrimage to Mecca (a rite known as Haj), as dictated by Islamic faith.

It is most commonly used in an ironic manner toward Muslims who have not completed Haj, and has expanded to a general derogatory term for Arabs.

However the title is an honor to those who have completed Haj, and is not restricted to any single ethnicity.
Afghans typically cannot afford to make the pilgrimage west to Mecca, and are particularly insulted to be called "Haji".

Muslims in eastern Europe may be offended by to be called "Haji", since many erroneously consider all Muslims to be Arabs.
by Noah Majinashin September 02, 2010
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usually native to the middle eastern area. raised to hate westerners and blow shit up. known to travel in packs or in pairs but never on their own.
-"wow, that was a kick ass explosion, haji must love me"

-"stupid haji's, try so hard, yet succeed so little."
by J.P. MONEY May 04, 2005
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Some of these are close, but it is important to note the etymological roots having their origin in the old Johnny Quest. Only more recently (read IRAQ War I) has its use broadened to pajoratively refer to a broader cast of brown people, esp. turban wearing.
There's a whole nest of Haji's over there, suggest we send some mortars downrange.
by littlekicker March 09, 2006
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Again, taken originally from the old Johnny Quest cartoon series from the 70's.

Generally expanded to be a derogitory term to anybody from India or Pakistan.

"Goddamm Haji stole my call-center job and ran away to Bangalore with it!!!"
by LetterzAthruZ October 15, 2008
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Fuckers that work in a Gas Station or at Technical Support.
Haji: Hello dis is Stebe fom Microsot Techincal suport, gib me 100 dollar or i tell haji in gas station to piss in ur drink.
Other: Fucking Haji go do your ramadama ding dong shit in your own country.
by DonIsaHoe October 18, 2017
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