Big booty lookin ass man. Nice and shiny, his alias is 2thick, since his ass is so fat i even made a song for him
The story of Bowen Muhammad Muhammad

*random dude* yo whos that dude with the fat ass
*me* yo thats mo, wid his fine big booty lookin masterpiece
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A hot sexy guy with a big dong and gets all the women. Very loving and a passionate companion to have.
Person 1- Hey girl! Did you hear about that new kid?

Person 2- Yeah isnt his name Muhammad?

Person 1- Yeah!! Hes so hot!
by AfricanMonster June 22, 2019
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Muhammad is Kiran's man and he belongs to kiran, Muhammad has a very astonishing voice, it is very deep it reminds kiran of how deep he is gonna go inside her, till she squirts.
Muhammad belongs to kiran.
by chicken sheesh March 17, 2021
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He's the big buff guy from the popular game Fortnite.
He also goes by the codename "Brutus" but that just sounds too plain.
Muhammad: Hey Midas my bumhole hurts
Midas: Why do you have to tell me that

by Vicenteisreal May 26, 2023
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"The Greatest" boxer who ever lived. He held the World Heavyweight Championship for 30 Years! His catchphrase from '64, was "Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee!" In 1960 at the Summer Olympics in Rome, he won a Gold Medal! He was a Great Humanitarian, helping Very Many people out of the kindness of his heart! A Great man who will Always be remembered with Love & Respect!
Muhammad Ali was & is the Greatest! He's a Legend!
by Starchylde June 4, 2016
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most talented boxer of all times
Im so fast that ast night when i went to bed I turned off the lights and I was in bed before the room got dark:Ali
by vince April 3, 2005
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