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Quite possibley the most mentally unstable rapper of our time. Going along with his theme of mental instablity he, (formerly known as Kool Keith was retained in a mental asylum after his release he took on the name Dr.Octagon, a figment of his imagination. Dr.Octagon is a sadistic, twisted doctor who undermines his medical profession by preforming unorthodox procedures on his patients. He was seen shooting "doo doo pistols" and burning lips with clorox.
Dr.Octagon's lyrics include:
Chewbacca's not here I'ma do it for your circumcised
niggaz don't realize my format is a palm spectrum
to damage any rectum
This is the real dinosaur funk which permitted G-Funk
to play anally through the trunk a digital master
was given to Sam Cooke and Jimmy Castor
Kurt Cobain was here but Doc Oc' has novacaine
Theoretically keepin puppies in a pedigree
Small fetus brought Santa Claus to greet us
Rappers know I'm equipped with Clorox
and chemicals that'll burn off your lip
Intestines investments hide money in your stomach
Who can stop Pepto Bismol?
Only a Gremlin eatin in Larry Parker like Gizmo
As Dr. Octagonecologyst girls open legs for beer kegs
French toast and herbs were covered with giant eggs
Livin small, people unequal challenge my thoughts
No station or radio would understand
The perfect enzyme is me with your brain in my other hand
Suck my oil, yo Whoolio tell em
speaking in Spanish left untranslated
MP4, six spacecraft in the mix, kissin Mary J. Blige
on Earth was quite normal,
as Dr. Octagon, walkin through a polygon
My first impression was to give patients a lesson
Who's the best to put me to the test
I'll battle Ultramagnetic, my own self as well
Two mirrors in the clear, I'm floating deep in the atmosphere
Through Los Angeles heights I'll damage Hollywood lights
Woman know my sex computer condoms humpin on Ampex
My number 2-7-5-49-69 disconnected
My first black robot,
space connected while you listen to Keith Sweat (meow)
Your brain is caught up in a net
Two million thousand three billion wack records in the solar
The system's out of reach, niggaz try to preach
Why you tryin to act fly walkin up Venice Beach?
Zapp, like Roger, my funk is powerful then Troutman
Seven years ago like California was tooken from Mexico
Who knows this magnum five can't scope this
A&R's will go crazy tryin to find someone to duplicate Dr. Octagon
Yo chief administrator, suck my oil
We are experiencing technical difficulties
Please stand by
speaking in Spanish left untranslated
Auto four six seven five four three
Equals, the levels, of nobody in this trauma
World of unconciousness
Blackness and power, coming down through the urinalysis
Leaving hands with callouses
Right power
by Malcolm OSX April 23, 2006

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A term used to indicate an unnamed Muslim male, can be used in a deragatory manner as the word haji has been used in the past. Can be compared to how the name Jose is used to indicate a nameless male of hispanic origins, or Tyrone or Chang, to signify blacks and asians.

Dude 1:Yo, look son, there go a Muhammad!
Dude 2: His people blew up our homes!
a Muhammad: My name aint Muhammad!!!
by Malcolm OSX April 23, 2006

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A term used to describe the supposed teachings, sayings, and traditions of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. These are embraced by the majority of the Muslim population without recognizing that these teachings go against the base teachings of Islam and also tend to make the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad, look, depending on what side you're on, like a horrible, murderous dictator that had no problem drinking camel piss or killing the infidels usually indicating Jews or Christians. Hadith is supposedly a supplement to the Quran.
After further study, I realized that the Hadith is a grouping of lies invinted by shady men who lived centuries after Muhammad and that they go against the basic teachings of Islam and the belief that the Qur'an is perfect and needs no explanation.
by Malcolm OSX March 29, 2006

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A word indicating the skeet, also known as semen, that is ejaculated from a man's sexual apparatus; when used in this context it always refers to a woman being either covered in or filled with the afformentioned term.
Dude, I was having sex with this one chick while making myself a sandwhich, first I put on the mayonnaise, then i pu ont the mayonnaise!!!
by Malcolm OSX April 23, 2006

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Used to describe a female's breasts, in most cases large breasts. This comes from the idea that the breasts are inflated, or must be inflated to reach such a size. Can be taken as offensive because it is insinuating the female in question went to unnatural means to achieve the present size of her mammaries.
That girl is straight helium; Look at the helium on that one; Lemme get that helium!
by Malcolm OSX March 29, 2006

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Word used to describe homosexual men. This is because they, for some reason, enjoy penetrating the anal cavity of another man, thereby, commiting sodomy which is not only an unnatural practice but horribly demeaning and a disgusting act that could only be thought up by people stupid enough to be gay.
Sttop being an anal pickle man! Gays are anal pickles. My pickle is craving some anal love.
by Malcolm OSX March 29, 2006

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