when a girls ass is fine
dayum she has a juicy ass
by jimmy stevan October 27, 2016
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On a hot day after a man has taken a shit "Juicy Ass" happens in his ass crack with the feces that he wasn't able to wipe away because of his hairy ass crack.
Damn! After a long game of basketball I've really got some Juicy Ass!
by Rebecca & Ian March 24, 2003
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Juicy ass is when you eat ass its wet because of the pussy juice from fingering the fucc out of your girl
Mm girl dat juicy ass be nice lemme get a taste
by depressed gay person April 12, 2020
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A common children's game played among nymphos, involving a rubber ball. The purpose of this game is to collect as much juicy ass on the ball as possible before times expires.
Sorry I missed dinner, mom. I was playing juicy ass ball with some of the other neighborhood nymphos.
by Greg Stehle April 20, 2005
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when ur in a bus and its really packed and your walking through the aisle and ur backpack and butt is hitting everyone thats sitting down and u say
(walking in bus aisle and butt smacks someone)

Henry: Big Fat Juicy Ass coming trough, look out!
by yonkersdick May 27, 2011
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jules has a big fat jucy ass she is so hot
example: oh look at that dump truck, it must be jules big fat juicy ass
by baeissohot September 20, 2022
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juicy hairy hairy tits that contain milk and go badoinkadonk
have you seen that guy who goes OO EE OO AA AA?

yes, I heard he has juicy badoinkadonk milky ass hairy hairy tits
by levi isn't real January 3, 2023
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