Dawud means the utmost humble brother, best friend, son, father, and human being in general. Putting everyone before himself, he is surely going to get everything good in this world. He deserves it.
1#: “That boy is amazing and so humble!”

2#: “I know, his name is Dawud!”

1#: “Wow! No surprise there.”
by momonazrab April 16, 2020
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A man who is a complete badass in what he does

And owns all the bitches

Can have a spectacularly large knob
And is said to become ruler of the earth
Dawud Ahmed lone
by Ghdash June 19, 2013
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Dawud is the most aggressive person you can meet. Everywhere he goes he tries to pick a fight. If he gets angry he will absolutely rage quit. Throwing heavy objects around and breaking things.
You do not want to see his dawud
by Steve jobs’’s mum October 19, 2019
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a well and composed person with a vision,
most of those with this name are very wealthy and sometimes destined to rule.
and have a lot of admirers.

very humble and always ready to help people in any situation and any way he can.
he was Dawud about the matter
can you please be like a Dawud
by CCTV February 6, 2020
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A term to describe someone who has the amount of chromosomes as a 1 inch long penis
Quayon - Are you okay in the head u retard?
Jayden -"in fact I am smh you're just dawud + saydee + big k = Billy-sussyphobic
by NoggerLoverYeah April 12, 2022
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When people won’t let you finish ur sentence
Fam let me finish talking don’t dawude me
by Yellow star 12 September 17, 2020
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